Tai's Tale


I am always amazed at what a small world it is and how people can become connected in the most random of ways, no matter how far away they are from each other.

I recently received a job request via a freelance photographer site from a dog loving ESPN broadcaster, Shon Crewe, on the West Coast of the USA who had seen a senior dog named Tai on social media and wanted to help him get adopted. Tai, a six year old Lab mix, is the longest serving resident of a Long Island, NY, shelter, and has spent the last two years waiting for a forever home with not one person asking to meet him. Shon discovered Tai on a social media account run by Beth Zimmerman, a volunteer at the shelter who regularly walks Tai and who also happens to be the executive director of a national charity saving the lives of veterans and shelter animals. Shon was offering to pay for a pro photographer to go the shelter and get better shots of Tai in the hopes that they would help to him adopted; I replied to the request, offering to shoot pro bono as I do with other shelters in the area, and she connected me with Beth to set it all up!

I had a great time photographing Tai, he is a beautiful, loving boy, stuck at the shelter through no fault of his own and totally ready to become a part of a family. While Beth visits him frequently and walks him around the neighborhood, it's no substitute for a real home and unfortunately, Beth cannot house a dog at her property. Between the three of us, and the shelter, we are desperate to find Tai a new home! 

If you or someone you know is willing and able to adopt Tai, please contact the Long Beach Animal Shelter via Posh Pets, who manage the shelter: (516) 431-7674