new york city, ny, usa

Clinton Park Stables on the West Side of Manhattan is home to around 80 carriage horses, more than half of those that famously ply their trade around Central Park. The horses live 'upstairs' on the three level building as they have done since the late 19th Century, but today they have a misting system to keep cool (horses cannot have air conditioning) and a sprinkler system in case of fire. They are strictly regulated by the authorities in terms of both accommodation standards and working hours and conditions, for example, every horse enjoys a two month vacation in sunny, grassy Pennsylvania. Thirty five owners operate around 40 carriages from the stables and are regulated via a medallion system similar to taxi cabs, which are often passed down through generations of one family. The stables are owned by a co-op of 15 operators. See the full story in the New York Times.