I was lucky enough to gain access to the Clinton Park Stables in New York City and spend time with the horses and drivers who keep this tradition alive and thriving, for now. Sadly, the current NYC Mayor is campaigning to ban carriage horses on the grounds of animal welfare, but those pro-carriage horses insist that the real reason is real estate: the horses' stables occupy four prime plots on the West Side of Manhattan, where they live 'upstairs' as they have done since the late 19th Century; space that is worth potentially millions to developers. The passion of the carriage drivers for their work is unquestionable and the public response to seeing them on the streets and taking a carriage ride is pure joy. I was pleasantly surprised at how the horses live and work and are cared for by the drivers, many of which have been in the business for generations. I for one would hate to see them disappear.