nuremberg, bavaria, germany

While living in Germany in 2016, I spent time with the Rettungshunde (Rescue Dog) Team of Franken at their weekly training sessions which take place in snow, rain or sunshine. Founded in 2000, the team is based just outside Nuremberg and currently has 18 active members and 13 dogs. Led by Mr Jean Schreiber, its main aim is to train their dogs to search and rescue missing people and also teach mantrailing skills. A voluntary organization, all the members have regular jobs and their dogs are house dogs during the week, but come training days and actual rescues, they spring into action as fully fledged Rettungshunde. Training of each dog lasts between two to three years and starts as a puppy. All the dogs in training must complete examinations to become certified rescue dogs. Mantrailing dogs are trained to search for a specific missing person whose scent is shared via a piece of clothing or a belonging. Find out more about Rettungshunde of Franken here.